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Job Description: 

This position will be the beginning, middle & end for most of the guest. You will be the first thing our guest see when walk in the door. That means if our cashiers are currently with customers you will give our guest the initial simple greet; “Welcome to the Cookshack!!” Then you will help guide the guest on their journey by describing what hot chicken and ribs really are and how we do it the Cookshack way. If the guest is in a hurry and you have an open seat at the bar top, please invite them to sit down and assist our guest through their dining experience. As our guest make their way through the cashiers, alcohol will be purchased and identified by guest numbers. You will be responsible for running the alcoholic beverages to our guest at their tables within a maximum of two minutes of receiving the order. Once our guest has completed their meals, you will give the final farewell and welcome them back. “We can’ thank you enough for coming in today, and hope to see you again real soon!” This position will be a key element for creating a positive atmosphere for all of our guest, and setting the tone for the rest of the staff.

Main Areas of Responsibility:

  • Sequence of Service o Greet before being Greeted
    • Taking orders and ringing them up accurately
    • Running hot food to your bar top guest when the ticket is complete
    • Describing the dishes to our guest as they are being presented to them
    • Offering refills, taking away trash from the guest & offering to go boxes
    • Offering Aunt Peggy’s Ice cream sandwich to bar top guest
  • Opening and closing and balancing cash drawer
  • Restocking items during the shift on the bar station as they begin to run low
  • Ensuring all kegs are operating correctly and serving those to our guest
  • Making batches of our famous margaritas and serving those to our guest
  • Ensuring all guest who are drinking is 21 years of age or older
  • Food Knowledge of every dish
  • Additional task may be required per management
  • Performing Ambassador/Cashier duties when needed