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Job Description: 

You are the smiling faces and loud voices that our arriving guest will be greeted with upon their entrance. After our guest has been greeted with “Welcome to the Cookshack!” their journey through the menu starts with you asking one simple question, “Have you ever had Hot Chicken?” You will be responsible for knowing our menu and describing the dishes in detail as our guest have questions. You will be responsible for walking our guest through the menu experience all while multitasking and ringing the order in simultaneously. After you have completed the order and reviewed it with the customer we will begin cooking their food to order. Then the final steps will be to get the guest their cups and fill it with ice all while helping them navigate the restaurant.

Main Areas of Responsibility:

  • The “Perfect” Greet
  • The initial guest experience
  • Opening and Closing and balancing cash drawer
  • Taking Orders and ringing them up accurately
  • Ice Control
  • Food Knowledge of every dish
  • Performing Ambassador duties when needed